Fun Things to do at the Beach

An inviting blend of iconic character and beautiful beaches makes Wildwood NJ the best of summer vacation destinations. But aside from walking in the sand, what are some fun things to do at the beach? Before you head out on your trip or weekend getaway, do yourself a favor and prepare with some beachy ideas.

The Best of Summer Moments Happen at the Beach

Family trips or romantic getaways during the summer are the perfect way to not only take a break from the stress of daily life, but to also build memories. There are plenty of ways to share valuable time with your loved ones, and in Wildwood, enjoying five miles of white-sand beaches is the best way to do it. Here are four of the most fun ways to do just that.

  1. Have fun in the sand. Walking in the sand and simply basking in the sun are enjoyable at any age, but so is building sand castles! Nothing says summer fun like being near the ocean and building a sand castle together as a family or individually for some friendly competition. Plan ahead by bringing along a pail, shovel, ruler for smoothing and straws to clear excess sand.
  2. Collect shells. New Jersey sea shells are some of the most beautiful and unique in the country. Instead of just walking by when you spot one, grab it and take it home as a souvenir. Better yet, bring the whole family out to the beach for a morning sea shell walk. When you get home, you can fill up a glass jar with your favorites—anything from sea glass and sand dollars to scallops and angel wings. The jars can be displayed as art that double as a beautiful reminder of your beach vacation.
  3. Experience fireworks on the beach. When it comes to the best of summer moments, fireworks always offer a memorable show. Many shore towns have fireworks displays weekly. If you’re in Wildwood, be sure to stick around at least one Friday night to experience the FREE fireworks all summer long. The spectacular light show is the best way to end a fun-filled week or start an exciting weekend while walking in the sand or on the boards. Set to a musical score that’s played throughout the boardwalk, the fireworks can be seen every Friday night at 10 p.m. launched from Pine Avenue and the Beach, and visible pretty much anywhere along the beach and boardwalk.
  4. Have a dip. In addition to the New Jersey sea shells and the soft white sand, you just can’t beat the sparkling blue water just beyond it. Whether you’re simply floating with the waves, surfing, boogie boarding or even stand-up paddle boarding, enjoying the ocean is a must.

Couples, families and children alike will find that there’s plenty of fun things to do at the beach – and it will feel like the first time every time! Whether have a plan for every hour or just wander out your motel room door, there’s a sea of possibility waiting for you!

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