4 Facts About Wildwood History

When you’re looking for a fun, affordable vacation, Wildwood, New Jersey, offers so much for the whole family to enjoy. It’s no wonder TripAdvisor ranked this popular beach town the number one vacation spot in the United States in 2015. From the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse to the famed doo-wop architecture, Wildwood is steeped in history that you just have to experience when you visit. Here are four fast facts about this beach town that you may not have known.


There’s a 5 Mile Beach

The best thing about Wildwood, NJ? The beach, of course—and it’s five miles long! The powdery sand beaches and refreshing blue waters are the most beautiful in the state, and best of all, they’re free to the public! Wildwood offers some of the best free public beaches in NJ, surrounded by plenty of great restaurants, attractions and motels to make it the best family beach vacation you can find. And because of the flow of the tides on the Jersey Shore, this 5 mile beach is the largest in the state. What’s more, it is one of the few NJ beaches that is actually growing instead of eroding. Each year, the tide deposits sand from the northern beaches, extending Wildwood’s by about as much at 14 feet each year. So these beaches aren’t going anywhere!


The Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is still working today.

Everyone who has been to Wildwood knows that the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is a must-see attraction. One of the most charming and historic spots to see is this working lighthouse, located at 1st and Central avenues in North Wildwood. Since its debut in 1874, the lighthouse has kept mariners safe while navigating the Atlantic. While history lovers will be intrigued by this restored Victorian lighthouse, now a museum, families and children also love the seaside gardens that surround it. This museum is open to the public for tours where you can learn all about the history of Hereford and enjoy the beautiful views.


The Wildwood Historical Society has welcomed visitors for a half century.

For over 50 years, the Wildwood Historical Museum has been a source of information and enjoyment for anyone interested in the history of this seaside town. Be sure to add this gem to your itinerary where you’ll be transported to the late 1800s all the way to the doo-wop ‘50s and ‘60s. You can also check out the collection of photos of the famed 5 mile beach, artifacts and memorabilia featured throughout the Wildwood Historical Museum.


The Doo-Wop Architecture is thriving.

One of reasons that Wildwood history is so renowned and popular is because the Doo Wop Preservation League has helped to keep some of the traditions alive. Formed in 1997 by some Wildwood business owners, architecture lovers and kitsch buffs with a commitment to Wildwood’s past and future, the league has validated the Wildwoods with having the largest collection of mid-century commercial Doo-Wop architecture in the nation! You’ll just love the 1950s-era resort motels, restaurants, diners and vintage neon signs. Be sure to check out the New Doo Wop Museum. A partial reincarnation of the Surfside Restaurant, this museum is lit up with bold blue neon bulbs and is packed with cool artifacts and remarkable historical information.

While lounging around on the 5 mile beach during the day and playing on the boardwalk at night are enough to keep the whole family entertained, the area’s history is a huge draw for Wildwood visitors as well. When planning your next weekend getaway or vacation, be sure to check out the doo-wop architecture, the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse and the Wildwood Historical Museum. It will make your trip that much more enjoyable!

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